“Run me my million”: Comedian who claims T.I. called her a “b****” responds with alleged receipts

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(NOTE LANGUAGE) An intense exchange between T.I. and comedian Lauren Knight overshadowed the open-mic event at club Our Bar in Atlanta on Monday. Providing what she called her “real” side of the story, Knight took to Instagram with claims that the rapper heckled her from the audience and called her out of her name. 

“T.I. came to the show, appreciate it. He did a 45-minute set,” Knight said on her Instagram story, as captured by The Neighborhood Talk. “He gets off stage, I’m making jokes about s***, about to bring up another comedian, he proceeds to start heckling from the crowd, calling me all kinds of b*****, heckling me.” 

“Never called you out your name, never called you a b****, the Hustle Gang rapper responded in a since-deleted video, which Knight posted on her IG. He added, “You give me a video where I called you a b****, I’ll give you a million dollars.”

A few hours after midnight on Wednesday, Knight shared a video, ostensibly from the club, where a male voice can be heard shouting “b****,” followed by a crowd response, but T.I. isn’t seen in the clip.

“See it went from something simple that should’ve got squashed and settled to this man using his platform to lie on me to justify some bull****,” Knight wrote. “Everybody is tripping. I just wanna do comedy. @troubleman31 run me my million.”

The viral footage that circulated the internet on Tuesday shows the 41-year-old rapper confronting Knight on stage, in an attempt to reprimand her for allegedly making jokes about his and wife Tiny‘s sexual assault allegations. 

“Shut the f*** up for a second! Hey, listen. No, no, no. As many times as you joke on that s***, n****, I’m gonna check yo’ mother f****** a** as long as it takes,” T.I. says in the video. “There was no f***ing crime. There is nothing to charge me for, or my wife.” 

He informed Knight and the crowd, “When you stop talking about it, when you stop playing with me and mine, I’ma stop saying something.”

But later Wednesday morning, T.I. shared a video of the two sitting on stage, with T.I. draping his arm around Knight and promoting her as an “up & coming comic on the scene.” The video was taken the night of the incident. 

“I wish you the best & hope you bring the world more joy & laughter with the light you receive. I’ve done my part here… moving on,” T.I. wrote in the post.

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