Cardi B reveals why she wanted to cancel Friday’s release of “Hot S***”


Cardi B revealed on Instagram Live Tuesday that she wanted to cancel Friday’s release of her new single “Hot S***” because she is “so tired of people not doing their f***ing job correctly.”

The Grammy winner says she “is upset” because “a lot of people have been dropping the ball for the past two months.” She added the release “is not being executed like it’s supposed to,” and there has been “a lot of miscommunication.”

Cardi did not identify who has been “dropping the ball.” She is so angry that she just wants to “say f*** everybody and f*** everything.” However, she will release the track Friday as planned and promote it because of the love of her fans. “I don’t wanna push,” Cardi continued, “but I have to push.”

The track featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk will be her first single since “Up” in February 2021. The Hustlers star was also featured on the remix of “No Love” with Summer Walker and SZA, which dropped in ‘March.

There will not be a music video because the 29-year-old rapper is “just not in the mood for a lot of things.” She added, “I just don’t feel like doing too much this time around.”

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