Jazmine Sullivan explains decision to take part in ‘Words + Music’ series

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Jazmine Sullivan‘s Words + Music episode will premiere this week and finds her opening up about her life. Speaking to Complex, she described her Audible episode as an extension of her Grammy Award-winning album, Heaux Tales. Her decision to explore a different outlet than music, she explains, came from the “thought that it would be a chance for me to grow.”

“I didn’t actually want to at first because I am very private and everybody knows by now that I do only like to talk about myself and my story through my music,” she continues. “But I thought this would be an opportunity for me to do some self-reflection and to grow, and that’s what it ended up being for me.”

Heaux Tales was released in 2021, and its deluxe version came out last year. Since releasing the project, Jazmine says she’s become more appreciative of her experiences, “the people that I’ve chosen to experience this life with” and the women in her life.

“I’m just super appreciative of the women in particular,” she says. “I feel like they have really … raised me and supported me in a different way than anybody else … I’m just appreciating them even more since even starting Heaux Tales.”

The singer’s also grateful for recognition from the Recording Academy: she’s up for three awards at Sunday’s Grammys.

“Everything that I’ve worked for is finally paying off and [I hope] that I will be an inspiration to people to keep going in their lives,” Jazmine says. “Whatever it is that you feel passionate about, that you feel like is your purpose in life, sometimes it takes years for people to recognize it. But if it’s important to you and you feel like it’s the thing that you should be doing, you keep going.”

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