Leslie Jones says upcoming memoir helped her realize “that I actually worked my a** off”

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 Comedian Leslie Jones typically displays her sense of humor, but in her upcoming memoir, she’ll be digging a bit deeper. Set to release in September, Leslie F******* Jones will see her open up about her life journey and the “moments that equal up to what became Leslie Jones.”

Leslie tells People that writing her memoir was a “very therapeutic” experience in which she learned “that I actually worked my a** off” to get where she is today.

“I would find myself telling a story and I would be like, ‘Holy s***. Yeah, I remember. How did you make it through that?’ … And then you go, ‘Oh, damn. I actually put in the work to be where I am right now,'” she says. “So I think I learned the trials and tribulations, how much I’ve triumphed, how much I’ve changed, how much I’ve grown. Just a lot of things. A lot of self-realizations.”

Though she’s been in the entertainment industry for decades, Leslie has chosen to focus on her memoir simply because she has the time.

“I think this was a good time, because it’s a nice break before I have to get busy again. … So I also wanted to do it while I did still remember everything,” she explains. 

She hopes that when people read her story, they learn that “she didn’t just fall into comedy. She had to work for that s***.”

“I want people to learn that if you have an inspiration and a desire to do something, that’s f****** great, but you got to work,” Leslie adds.

Leslie F****** Jones will be released on September 19.

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