‘The Golden Bachelor’ recap: Joan ends her journey with Gerry as tensions rise in the mansion

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Tensions began to rise at the Golden Bachelor mansion this week as the women competed for Gerry‘s heart — literally, with a talent show competition.

Golden Bachelor host Jesse Palmer surprised the women in the mansion by saying that Gerry wanted to see all of them on a group date where they competed in a talent show —  eliciting some apprehension among some of the women, including Joan, who didn’t know what to do onstage.

Jesse, along with Bachelor Nation’s Kaitlyn Bristowe, helped Gerry judge the talent show, and despite the women’s nerves, each one wowed the audience.

When it was Joan’s turn, she took the stage and performed an original poem titled, “I Just Hope I Don’t Vomit on Your Shoes.” The sweet poem resonated with everyone, including Gerry, who said that he felt like Joan “was just talking to me and no one else around.”

In the end, Gerry chose Joan as the winner of the romantic date.

On their date, Joan told Gerry that she loved being married and tried to start dating a year after her husband’s death two and a half years ago, but said that she “tried to find it too soon.” Gerry said he was touched by her story and said talking to her felt like “the first step to a very strong connection.”

Gerry’s date with Joan ended with him giving her a rose, but the next day, Joan was forced to leave the competition after learning her daughter just had a baby, but there were complications.

After Joan left, Gerry moved forward with his one-on-one date with Ellen, surprising her with a room full of gowns. The pair then hopped in a limo that took them to a romantic spot with a view of the mountains.

At the very end of their date, they hopped in a hot air balloon, and while up in the air, Gerry gave Ellen a rose.

Ahead of the cocktail party, Kathy opened up about her feelings toward Theresa, who got the first one-on-one date last week. At the mansion, Theresa got into Kathy’s head by telling her about everything that happened between her and Gerry on their date the previous week.

April came to Kathy’s defense with a pointed comment, saying, “If there is an intimate moment with somebody, I think the only way to handle that is with dignity and respect for him and you — keep your mouth shut.”

During the cocktail party, Kathy opened up to Gerry about the tough day she was having. She didn’t name any names, but told him that what he sees in other people may not be as it appears.

Meanwhile in the mansion, Theresa pulled April aside to ask who her comment was directed at. April told her that she should take it up with Kathy, and when Kathy went back into the mansion with a rose, Theresa confronted her privately.

Their conversation eventually brought Theresa to tears. While crying in her room, Gerry found her and tried to console her, telling her to try to “let it go.”

At the rose ceremony, Edith and Kristina went home.

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