From luxury cars to caviar, you can have it all with Bank of America’s elevated rewards program

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In an era where loyalty programs seem to be shrinking, Bank of America is thinking differently, by revamping their rewards program to offer members the lap of luxury — think luxury cars, luxury bags, the creme de la creme of wellness and more.

While the financial institution offers rewards to members based on tiers, notably, Diamond-tier members are in for a luxurious lifestyle experience. They gain access to exclusive offers from renowned brands across categories like automobiles, travel, arts and culture, food and wine, style and design, sports and wellness, and personal services.

For automobile enthusiasts, special pricing incentives await with luxury partners like Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volvo, and Audi. Travel aficionados can enjoy faster airport and stadium access, thanks to collaborations with boutique travel-planning companies. Arts and culture lovers get access to leading art museums, while food and wine connoisseurs can savor special pricing on luxury wine and spirits brands and exclusive selections of caviar.

Fashion-forward members can relish special pricing incentives on luxury watches and fashion from partners like Zegna, Hodinkee, and others. Sports and wellness enthusiasts can benefit from at-home golf simulators, private golf club access and more.

Personal services such as security, health, and legal solutions come at special pricing incentives for Diamond-tier members. 

That’s all in addition to financial incentives like a credit card rewards bonus of up to 75%, increased savings account interest rates of up to 20%, no-fee transactions at non-Bank of America ATMs, and discounts on various banking services.

Basically, in the words of Ariana Grande, if you want it, you got it! Members can find out more on the Bank of America Preferred Rewards site.

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