‘Rebel Moon’ stars tell all about Zack Snyder’s newest epic

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Get ready for more from Zack Snyder.

His highly anticipated original space thriller Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire arrives in limited release on Friday, and its stars spoke to ABC Audio about what fans can expect from the epic new universe Snyder’s created.

“It will be spectacular. Could be a bit overwhelming. And I would say prepare yourself for a new, original universe,” Michiel Huisman said.

Huisman stars as Gunnar, a farmer who tags along with his friend Kora (Sofia Boutella) as she gathers warriors from across the galaxy to fight the Motherworld.

Charlie Hunnam plays Kai, a starship pilot and mercenary hired by Kora to join them on their quest. He says he trained for months to get into shape before he even stepped foot on set.

“That’s one of the terrible, brutal, magical parts of working with Zack,” Hunnam said. “You have to earn your spot there through sweat, blood and tears. And so before we even had started, we had all been mandated to train quite vigorously every day for weeks and weeks.”

And while all the training did help with the action scenes, Hunnam says that wasn’t the only purpose all the physical training served. An unanticipated perk was the friendships they made along the way.

“I didn’t really appreciate actually at the time until we started filming what the function of that was, other than to look good,” Hunnam said. “But I think that’s a sort of secondary consequence. It’s really about team building and getting us all to, like, trust each other and build a team before we even started shooting.”

Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire will be available to stream on Netflix December 22.

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