Zack Snyder on crafting the intricate universe in ‘Rebel Moon’


Are you ready to travel to Rebel Moon?

Zack Snyder’s latest directorial effort is the sprawling space epic Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire, which streams Thursday on Netflix. Snyder told ABC Audio that the film is a cathartic redemption story.

“It’s about finding home, and about finding a family and finding that thing in your life that is worth fighting for, worth dying for,” Snyder said.

The film’s universe was intricately crafted. Snyder says he and his team spent the last five years building out mythology and languages, trying to always find the answer to specific questions that came up along the way.

Such questions included: “What does Motherworld’s historical map look like? What are their origin stories? Where did they come from? What are their genesis myths? What are their religious, competing religious beliefs that all got kind of distilled down to a single kind of singular way of thinking?” Snyder said.

In fact, Snyder’s been crafting this universe so intricately, he says it’s reminiscent of a guy in a basement with a corkboard full of pictures connected with strings.

“I have a version of it,” Snyder said. “We have a giant dry erase that has, like, all the different planets and their stories and the timeline. And there’s a few of those around the different offices.” 

Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire becomes available for streaming Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Netflix. 

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