“Get the f*** off the set”: ‘Succession’ star Brian Cox jokes about his TV demise

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A day after Succession‘s six-Emmy winning night, Seth Meyers moderated a panel discussion, gathering the show’s stars and creators, who looked back at the hit show.

Monday night’s Emmy winners Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen, show creator Jesse Armstrong and director Mark Mylod joined castmates Brian Cox, Nicholas Braun, J. Smith Cameron and Alan Ruck at the event held on Paramount Pictures’ Los Angeles lot.

Cox brought the house down giving his version of when he was informed that his character, media mogul Logan Roy, would not live to see the finale.

He recalled a “fetching” phone call with Armstrong, in which he jokes he was “given the ultimate short shrift.”

Cox explained, allegedly quoting Armstrong, “‘Get the f*** off the set. … we’ve had enough of you, you’ve done enough damage to this whole f****** production. I’m killing you off and that’s it, OK?'”

Cox continued, “And I said, ‘Jesse, that is absolutely fine … I think it’s one of the best decisions you possibly made during this whole f****** production.'”

His comments drew laughs from the audience before Armstrong countered, “It was in the Ivy [in Los Angeles], it was over some nice food and it wasn’t so much rough talk. Brian is very charming and saw immediately the dramatic possibility.”

Cox then “set it straight,” explaining, “It was very clear and absolutely right what Jesse did. I completely agree and I thought that’s fine because I still get paid.”

“And that, at the end of the day, is the main thing, that one still gets paid,” he said to laughs.

“So there I am happy in my demise, and these f****** have to work their a** off,” Cox bellowed, cracking up the panel and the audience.

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