‘Mean Girls’ reboot spikes searches for fetch retro fashion

“Mean Girls” — Photo by CBS via Getty Images

The hit musical reboot of Mean Girls apparently has some young fans searching online — and probably their moms’ closets — for the fashions that were worn back in the day.

According to a study from the website NoDepositGuide.com, Google searches for the term “Mean Girls fashion” jumped 227% in recent days, as fans look to emulate the “fetch” fashions as seen in the 2004 original that spawned the new film.

Further, searches on Pinterest for Y2K Fashion and “Y2K outfits” popped by 74%, displaying throwback trends like chunky shoes, low-rise jeans, metallic fabrics, crop tops and day-glow colors, as seen on The Plastics, Cady and the other characters from the beloved film.

A spokesperson for the online gambling resource notes, “Fashion often operates in cycles, with styles from the past coming back into vogue. Y2K fashion particularly appeals to those seeking a retro look that stands out from more contemporary styles. This is why it is perfect for the Mean Girls [characters], allowing each individual to express their creativity and individuality.”

Paramount Pictures’ musical take on the original film — and the staged production that inspired it — has made more than $83 million worldwide since it opened January 8.

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