Ryan Reynolds taps Anthony Hopkins for Super Bowl coffee commercial

Maximum Effort

Actor-and-ad man Ryan Reynolds has managed to secure a two-time Oscar winner for a Super Bowl spot.

The recently released commercial for STōK Cold Brew coffee shows Anthony Hopkins getting serious as he prepares for a role.

“To act is to deceive,” the legendary performer begins in voiceover. “And to deceive, one must forget oneself.”

“Every metamorphosis is demanding, but to become this beast requires an extra kick,” the big screen’s Hannibal Lecter says.

“Now: Hear me roar!” Hopkins thunders before donning the head of a sports mascot — specifically Wrex, the Red Dragon of Wrexham AFC, which Reynolds not coincidentally co-owns.

While “Ode to Joy” plays triumphantly, the mascot tears onto Wrexham’s home pitch in Wales, psyching up a throng of screaming footy fans.

Hopkins is later shown in a locker room taking a break over an ice coffee. “Ironically, it is the cold brew that births the fire-breathing dragon,” he intones before taking a pull.

He’s then reminded by an offscreen voice that the second half of the game is about to start.

“We picked up a key player in the transfer window, Sir @anthonyhopkins,” Reynolds commented on Instagram about the new ad from his Maximum Effort production company.

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