Search data shows interest in ‘Barbie’ merch towers over all competition, including ‘Star Wars’

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Star Wars, a franchise once nearly synonymous with merchandise, has taken a back seat to Barbie.

According to online search data compiled by the clothing brand Chummy Tees, Barbie merchandise has become the most-searched for stuff in the U.S., over seven times more per month than Star Wars.

The ranking of the most in-demand movie and TV merch saw Barbie on top with an average of 152,053 searches a month, according to the data.

Spider-Man-related merch was second in the movies category with 93,726 average monthly searches, followed by Harry Potter in a distant third with more than 52,422.

Fourth place went to Batman, and Star Wars rounded out the top five with 21,179.

South Park had 23,868 monthly searches, but the long-running animated series topped all other TV shows.

For all the Star Wars TV series on Disney+ — from The Mandalorian to the new Ahsoka — that galaxy far, far away didn’t even make the top 10 of most sought-after TV merch, according to these stats.

After South Park, the Adult Swim toon Rick and Morty placed second. Friends was third, followed by a surprising #4: the period drama Peaky Blinders.

Donald Glover‘s Emmy-winning series Atlanta was fifth, followed by Star Trek, Breaking Bad, The Office, Sesame Street and Game of Thrones.

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