Amy Schumer and Michael Cera on what ‘Life & Beth’ season 2 explores

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Amy Schumer’s Hulu series Life & Beth returns for season 2 on Friday, and it’s once again showing how the awkwardness of life can make poignant comedy.

Schumer spoke to ABC Audio about the journey her character, Beth, takes over the 10 episodes in this sophomore season.

“Seeing someone navigate going from dating to marriage, and pregnancy, is very rich territory that we were excited to explore this season,” Schumer said.

The season will also dive deeper into the lives of Beth’s closest friends.

“I really like that we got to explore more of her friends’ lives. That was something I felt like we didn’t, like, really get to do in season 1,” Schumer said. “So, they weren’t just supporting her, but we got to see what’s going on with them.”

Schumer’s love interest, John, is played by none other than Michael Cera. He says this season finds John learning more about himself than he has never explored before.

“He’s always been such a sort of self-sufficient person. And I think being thrown into a very, you know, an intimate relationship is like, is the quickest way to learn things about yourself or hold a mirror up to yourself,” Cera said.

And while some of the storylines this season — such as Beth’s connection to her mother, sister and husband — resemble Schumer’s actual personal life, she says she’s found ways of ensuring what happens on screen doesn’t affect her real relationships.

“I have enough experience where I know to really clear it with the person before,” Schumer said. “There were no surprises … that’s something I’ve done for a long time, where it’s really not worth it if it’s gonna, you know, mess with anything in your actual personal life.”

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