Bench like Baba Yaga with “officially licensed” ‘John Wick’ workout supplements

Jacked Factory

When one thinks of the John Wick series, one might not immediately think of gym supplements, but that’s exactly what a company called Jacked Factory is now selling.

With promises to “unleash your inner Wick,” the Lionsgate-licensed WickMode powdered pre-workout regimen is, according to ad copy, “a meticulously crafted formula featuring powerful ingredients to provide users with explosive energy and endurance.”

“We were inspired by the character at the center of the franchise which nicely lines up with the core values of our sports nutrition brand, Jacked Factory,” the company touts. “Focus, relentless drive, and perseverance are key aspects of performance that we aim to enhance with our products. This collaboration enables us to provide a pre-workout that adds a truly distinctive experience to our customers.”

What’s more, they come in “three exciting flavors inspired by the John Wick universe — Osaka Cherry Blossom, Baba Yaga Blue Raz and Last Tropical Sunrise. WickMode pre-workout evokes a sensory experience that matches the intensity of John Wick’s focus, commitment and sheer will.”

We can’t attest to whether it will work as advertised, but at $40, it’s cheaper than a bulletproof black suit.

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