“Remember me?!” Anya Taylor-Joy takes on Chris Hemsworth in new trailer to prequel ‘Furiosa’

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Warner Bros. released a second trailer to Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, the prequel to its Oscar-winning epic Mad Max: Fury Road, on Tuesday.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays the younger version of Furiosa, Charlize Theron‘s character from that film, and the new snippet shows glimpses of her backstory: She was snatched from her family by Chris Hemsworth‘s post-apocalyptic warlord Dementus.

“As a child, my world was forever changed,” she says. “He took it all from me.”

Apparently, she escapes captivity, and now, according to a title card, “She is back for vengeance.”

Furiosa says, “My childhood. My mother. I want them back!” triggering an all-out chase and all new vehicular mayhem for which visionary director George Miller is famous.

Furiosa apparently also forges an alliance with Immortan Joe, the skull-faced warlord she fought years later in Fury Road, warning him of Dementus, “If you find him, he’s mine.”

We also see Anya’s character shearing off her hair. With her grease-blackened forehead, she’s a spitting image of Theron’s version.

A voiceover notes, “There will always be war. But to get home, Furiosa fought the world.”

At the end of the trailer, she finally comes face-to-face with Dementus as an adult: “Remember me?!” she asks.

The movie from Warner Bros. Pictures revs into theaters May 24.

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