Ewan McGregor had intimacy coordinator for love scene with wife Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Even a married couple can use some advice in the bedroom — at least when your bedroom is being filmed.

That was apparently the case between Ewan McGregor and wife Mary Elizabeth Winstead for a love scene in their upcoming Paramount+ series Gentleman in Moscow.

According to the Scottish Star Wars veteran, an intimacy coordinator was brought in to advise them, even though the actors apparently get the gist of what to do together: they welcomed a son, Laurie, in 2021.

Intimacy coordinators were spurred out of the #MeToo movement and are on set to make sure the actors are comfortable with sex scenes.

McGregor welcomed the help, he tells the U.K.’s Radio Times. “It’s still necessary, because it’s also about the crew, and it’s odd to be naked in front of people,” the actor says. “It’s odd to be intimate in front of the camera.”

He adds, “If you were doing a dance scene, you’d have a choreographer. It’s an important part of the work now, because it’s somebody that the director and actors meet in the middle.”

He also considers his 22-year-old actress daughter Esther. “If an older, famous director goes to a 22-year-old and says, ‘I want you to be naked in this scene,’ that actress might feel, ‘Oh, my God, I’ve got to do it, my career might depend on it.’ And then five years after that, she could look back and go, ‘I wish I hadn’t.'”

That said, McGregor himself had no problem going the full monty onscreen before intimacy coordinators were a thing. In fact, the U.K. publication Cinemablend once dubbed him “Our Nakedest Actor.”

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