‘The Boys” executive producer Eric Kripke talks new supes, when Prime Video said the show went too far

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The psychotic superheroes are back for more depravity with season 4 of Prime Video’s Emmy-nominated hit The Boys.

The first three episodes of season 4 drop Thursday, and show creator Eric Kripke unpacked this season’s new supes and whether the show’s studios ever told them they went too far. 

“I have almost never been told no from Sony, or Amazon at least,” Kripke revealed, mentioning the only sore spot had to do with Chace Crawford‘s fish-fetishizing supe, The Deep.

“Amazon, like more in a friendly way at the beginning of the year, said, ‘You know, can we lighten up on the octopus bestiality?'” Kripke says, before giggling, “Just because … apparently there’s legal, FCC standards or something about showing like too much bestiality. And I was like, ‘Fine!'”

This season, Antony Starr‘s Homelander finds a powerful new ally, Susan Heyward‘s Sister Sage — the smartest person in the world, according to the show.

Kripke says, “She comes out of this notion that someone brought up in the writers room of, you know, one of Homelander’s weaknesses is that he’s generally surrounded by morons. And if you actually paired him with someone who is legitimately brilliant, he would be a lot more dangerous.” 

Another addition to the ranks is Valorie Curry‘s Firecracker, who Kripke says “reflects the sort of new phenomenon that you’ve seen come up in the last couple of years, the Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Kristi Noem, you know … like sort of highly sexualized, gun packing, ultra traditional, you know, conservative.”

Kripke continues, “It’s just sort of an odd personality type to me, this mixture of like shocking and really conservative at the same time.”

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