Saweetie checks on fans following fight at recent concert

Phillip Faraone/VF24/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Saweetie‘s set was cut short at Sunday’s Vegandale in Chicago following an alleged fight in the crowd.

In a clip that surfaced on social media, she asked the DJ to stop the music and addressed those who appeared to be part of the altercation.

“I know y’all ain’t doing what I think y’all doing. Is everybody safe?” Saweetie asked, before some in the area took off. She later wrote on the social platform X, “[I] hope everyone got home safe tonight. That crowd looked crazy.”

When an X user accused her of worrying more about her performance than the fight, Saweetie took the opportunity to defend herself.

“It was a festival! Straight [clown]. Don’t bring your a** back to Chicago; you’ve done enough,” the X user wrote. “It was babies out there getting trampled on for nothing. Then, [you came] back [talking about], ‘I’ma tell y’all what my type is.’ We [don’t give a f***] at this point.”

Saweetie replied, “The crowd did look crazy, which is why I hope everyone got home safe. Also, I could’ve [gone] home after the fight broke out, but I stayed [and] waited after 2 [Chainz] performed. I went back on stage to finish my set [because] I care… [You] clearly don’t like me, so why [did] you stay for the rest of my set when the festival was clearly over?”

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